Cyber Security Research Center from Romania

Our Projects

Since 2013, we were involved in various projects and initiatives aiming at improving the overall cyber security context in Romania and in the region.

DefCamp (2011 - ongoing)

DefCamp is the most important annual conference on Hacking & Information Security in Central Eastern Europe. Every year brings together the world’s leading cyber security doers to share latest researches and knowledge.

Over 2,000 decision makers, security specialists, entrepreneurs, developers, academic, private and public sectors will meet under the same roof in Bucharest, Romania every fall, in November.

Worldwide recognized speakers will showcase the naked truth about sensitive topics like infrastructure (in)security, GDPR, cyber warfare, ransomware, malware, social engineering, offensive & defensive security measurements etc. Yet, the most active part of the conference is Hacking Village , the special designed playground for all hacking activities happening at DefCamp.

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Ladies in Cyber Security (2019 - ongoing)

Ladies in Cyber Security is a cybersecurity conference focused on providing guidance and support to women seeking to advance their infosec careers.

Highly skilled professionals and community leaders share their hands-on experience to help like-minded women accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Ladies in Cyber Security is an infosec conference featuring an exclusively female speaker line-up with insights and helpful guidance that everyone can use, no matter your gender. It brings into the spotlight amazing ladies from the cybersecurity field ready to share hands-on experience, inspire & disrupt the world of cybersecurity.

Because we know that having a gender-balanced team brings great results and because we’ve seen more and more women join the infosec community, we want to give them an opportunity to shine and teach others how to do it.

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CyberEDU (2020 - ongoing)

CyberEDU is a special environment created for infosec enthusiasts to learn and put their skills to the test while competing for a place on the leaderboard. Some might call it a cybersecurity gym where infosec skills meet challenges and develop together.

Our experts created a large variety of challenges covering different aspects of the infosec field. All challenges are based on real life scenarios which are meant to teach students how to spot vulnerabilities and how to react in different situations.

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