Save the date for #DefCamp2018

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Things are usually written in 0’s and 1’s. The key numbers for DefCamp this year are 8 & 9.
How? Easy!

The 9th edition of DefCamp will take place on November 8th – 9th 2018, in Bucharest, Romania.

Try to remember that 🙂

Now going to the latest news of the edition, we are happy to announce that we expect 1500 attendees from all over the world. And because we grow every year with your support, we invite you to actively get involved and propose what cyber security speakers you would like to see on stage at DefCamp 2018?

Include your choices here.

Once again Bucharest will become the capital of cybersecurity for two days and attendees can learn the latest news from the industry.

Don’t forget that the time flies; this year’s conference is only months away which means that very early bird tickets (50% discount from the Late Tickets) are available only until August 15th.

What to expect from this year’s conference edition?

  • Topics: Cyber (In)Security related to SMEs, Corporate Hacking, Ransomware, Malware, Car hacking, Medical hacking, Fintech hacking & More
  • 2 days packed with cyber security
  • 3 parallel tracks hosting over 40 speakers and 50 hours of presentations
  • 1 Hacking Village with over 10 competitions (new challenges will be added)
  • 1,500 attendees with a background in cyber security, information technology, management or students eager to learn from the best

How to get involved?

Join DefCamp Partner up Speak Call for contests Volunteer
Buy ticket! Become our sponsor! CFP Open! Enroll in the Hacking Village! Be part of the team!


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