This is just a sneak peak of all our internal work.

Sparks – computer security conferences

Launched in the spring of 2014, on 19th of February, Sparks are a series of computer security conferences dedicated to both hobbyists and professionals from the INFOSEC. Key points: 100-150 attendees every sparks launched most of the time is free entrance great networking with the INFOSEC community technical talks with 2-5 romanians and foreign speakers […]

127.0.Def.Camp – Local Security Conferences

127.0.Def.Camp initiative is part of the International INFOSEC & hacking conference – DefCamp. This event is getting the information and speakers to your home. Lack of computer security & hacking conference has made his point through the historically romanian cyber chapter and starting with 2011, DefCamp is trying to change this by increasing from year […]

DefCamp – International INFOSEC & Hacking Conference

DefCamp is one of the most important conferences on hacking & information security in South-East Europe, bringing hands-on talks about latest research and practices from the INFOSEC field, gathering under the same roof security specialists, entrepreneurs, academic, private and public representatives in the high energy atmosphere of Bucharest, Romania. Key points: 70 attendees in 2011 […] – Romanian IT Community

Launched in the summer of 2009, on 29th of June, has embraced the vision of creating an efficient communication virtual enviroment and becoming one of the main source of technical information for the Romanian IT community. Key points: over 2,000 readers every day almost 1,500 romanian subscribers 2,000+ fans on social networks technical talks […]