CCSIR Supports DCOI – Tel Aviv, Israel

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Cyber Security Research Center from Romania (CCSIR) is one of the partners of DCOI – Defensive Cyberspace Operations & Intelligence Conference, a cyber security conference that will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel on 8-9 April, 2014.

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The event is organised by INSS or The Institute for National Security Studies which is an independent academic institute that studies key issues relating to Israel’s national security and Middle East affairs. Through its mixture of researchers with backgrounds in academia, the military, government, and public policy, INSS is able to contribute to the public debate and governmental deliberation of leading strategic issues and offer policy analysis and recommendations to decision makers and public leaders, policy analysts, and theoreticians, both in Israel and abroad. As part of its mission, it is committed to encourage new ways of thinking and expand the traditional contours of establishment analysis.

DCOI will is a two days event with over 30 high profile speakers such as Dr. Yuval Steinitz – Minister of Intelligence Israel, MG. (ret.) Amos Yadlin – Director of INSS, Paul De Souza – President of Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI), Tony Cole – Vice President and Global Government CTO at FireEye and others.


Cyber Security Research Center from Romania (CCSIR) will be represented at the conference by Andrei Avădănei, the president of CCSIR organisation. He will talk about “Offensive Honeypots, IDS & IPS using Social Media and hackers tools”.

“One of the biggest challenges when you have an IT infrastructure with critical information from an economic perspective or one that manages classified information is to have a hands-on reaction in defending and preventing attacks. There are several types of organizations that work deeply in the field of identifying intruders but most of the time, it’s impossible due to different political reglementations of the cyber space. In any kind of attack, there is a time frame when the attackers are the most vulnerable and in this presentation I will introduce several perspectives along with examples of how we can fingerprint and counter-attack the intruder. I will discuss about honeypots, offensive approaches, social networks, APTs, malware and multi-layered counter-attacks.”, declared Andrei Avădănei.

How to register?

You can register for this conference directly on the website. The rate for Military/Government, Public Sector Rate is 400$ for both days and the Commercial Organisations Rate is 550$.

About Cyber Security Research Center from Romania

Cyber Security Research Center from Romania(CCSIR) is a Non-Governmental Organization with the sole purpose of promoting, supporting, implementation and coordination of security research in the information security field in Romania, as well as international actions with short, medium and long term partnerships in the information security arena.

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