CCSIR at “Cyber Security Challenges in Europe” Organised by ENISA, Brussels

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Last week of April 2014 created the opportunity for Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR to meet important representatives of European communities. They have experience and know-how to deliver CTF competitions at European level. The workshop was organised by ENISA and DG CONNECT in Brussels under the brand Cyber Security Challenges in Europe.

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The participants of the workshop have discussed about the existent cyber challenges competitions and their future, along with the problems they identified during the events.

Objectives of the workshop

  • To present each existing example;
  • To inform, discuss and share ideas on an European level approach towards challenges;
  • Create synergies and help each other in reaching out to stakeholders;
  • Networking between teams.

DefCamp Capture The Flag

Andrei Avădănei, President of CCSIR discussed about DefCamp CTF (DCTF), the most disruptive competition from Romania that is mostly focused on creating an international competition for CTF enthusiasts. He identified several problems in last 4 years of DCTF.

Drapeaux européens devant le Berlaymont

  • CTF is a game mostly for young security passionate
  • Lack of public and private sectors funding public CTFs
  • Building challenges both realistic and technical stimulative
  • The approach – Red vs Blue Teams, Categories Based, Hack the Machine, App2Own, Cyber Attack Scenarios etc.
  • Security Departments from private sector underestimate the value of pushing their teams into competition (close door or public)

At the end of his intervention, Andrei proposed several solutions for those problems and, of course, for a future European CTF competition. CCSIR strongly believes in the power of Capture The Flag competition to build and keep up to date cyber security experts in Europe and other nations.

2 thoughts on “CCSIR at “Cyber Security Challenges in Europe” Organised by ENISA, Brussels

  1. So, Andrei, what were those solutions you propose? Are them coming from your own experience of organizing Defcamp one (I was there) ?

    1. They are coming from our experience from the last 4 editions of DefCamp (3 with CTF) but at this moment we consider that this solutions will remain strictly to CCSIR members, at least for now. 🙂

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