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DefCamp 2016 promises an edition to remember

It’s official! The 7th edition of DefCamp promises hot briefings, challenging competitions, real hands-on experiences and a place for companies to discover answers for their burning challenges. All under one roof from Bucharest, Romania at the beginning of November. For this new edition, DefCamp brings internationally recognised industry leaders ready to share knowledge and present […]

DefCamp 2015 – the sixth edition come to an end

DefCamp 2015 come to an end. The sixth edition of the largest cyber security & hacking conference from the Central Eastern Europe became a must-attend event in Bucharest, Romania. More than 850 industry specialists, university & government representatives and students joined from 30+ countries joined at the event. The event covered hot topics showcased by […]

Defensive Cyber Operations Engineer (DCOE) Training in Romania

Develop your cyberspace operations skills for the deployment of DCO, NETOPS, and OCO. In this course, you will acquire the skills for the planning, executing, and integrating defensive cyberspace operations (DCO) into organizational missions and DCO requirements. The course builds on the planning skills learned in the Introduction to Cyber Warfare and Operations Design (ICWOD) […]

Introduction to Cyber Warfare and Operations Design Training in Romania

Learn the core set of skills needed for practical and dynamic cyber defense and set the foundation to become a CSFI-DCOE. This course provides a basic understanding of full-spectrum cyberspace operations, the complexities of the cyberspace environment, as well as planning, organizing, and integrating cyberspace operations. The course will consist of presentations and exercises that […]

Test your website for BashSmash (CVE-2014-6271) online

A Critical remotely exploitable vulnerability has been discovered in the widely used Linux and Unix command-line shell, known as Bash, aka the GNU Bourne Again Shell, leaving countless websites, servers, PCs, OS X Macs, various home routers, and many more open to the cyber criminals. Earlier today (September 24th 2014), Stephane Chazelas publicly disclosed the […]

How to DDoS through Facebook Datacenter with almost 1Gbps. They’ve started to care!

The vulnerability, found by Teofil Cojocariu in June 12, Security Researcher has a simple concept but it can leave a big impact on websites of small companies or individuals. He made Open Source the script that exploits this vulnerability, leading to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) of ~1Gbps using Facebook datacenter. Update: Facebook […]

DefCamp 2014 – 5th edition of the international hacking and information security conference in Romania

Between November 25th – 29th at Crystal Palace Ballroom, Bucharest – Romania, Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR is hosting one of the most mesmerizing events of hacking & information security from Central Eastern Europe, Defcamp. Already at the 5th edition, the event continues to emphasize through sparkling debates about sensitive topics regarding […]

CCSIR at “Cyber Security Challenges in Europe” Organised by ENISA, Brussels

Last week of April 2014 created the opportunity for Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR to meet important representatives of European communities. They have experience and know-how to deliver CTF competitions at European level. The workshop was organised by ENISA and DG CONNECT in Brussels under the brand Cyber Security Challenges in Europe. […]

Microbe – simplified pentesting tool for Chrome users

Microbe is a Google Chrome extension created by Cosmin Gheorghita, 19 years old romanian developer. Extension has been developed for Web penetration testers, although some of its components can be individual applications themselves, like the cookie manager, form handler or Krypton. Since one of the most influential and destructive attack methods on the Web is […]

Pictures and presentation papers from Sparks #1

Sparks, monthly computer security conference, organised by Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR, had its debut this week on Tuesday March 4, 2014 at TechHub Bucharest with almost 100 attendees and 2 awesome speakers. Valentin Ilie, Software Research Engineer at Intel Romania broke the ice with a nice presentation called “Multiple Protocol Reverse […]