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The membership role of the Cyber ​​Security Research Center from Romania is a special status obtained by the people who are involved in the organisation projects. All the members embrace our vision and have deep experience in the cyber security space, both offensive and defensive approaches.

CCSIR Member Benefits

As a member you have some benefits, such as:

  • access to a group of highly technical people;
  • access to our internal research topics and discussions;
  • access to our network of information security specialists;
  • access to build and promote your security related projects through our international network;
  • financial, human, logistic and hardware resources to get your security related project done;
  • the ability to publish INFOSEC related articles to the community, both romanian and international one;
  • discounts or free access to different training programs, private and public meetings or conferences organised by CCSIR and partners

How to become a member?

We are looking for members that have experience in most of the cyber security fields. If you believe that you can contribute to our projects or you have experience in one of our expertise area, then you are one step closer to us. Besides the technical knowledge, there are several few human qualities that must be met:

  • confidentiality
  • integrity
  • responsability
  • motivation
  • man with initiative
  • fearless

I Want to Become a CCSIR Member

If you want to become a member of Cyber Security Research Center from Romania then you just have to write us an email where your talk about your experience and which is the main reason what made you want to be part of us.

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