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Cyber Security Research Center from Romania(CCSIR) is a Non-Governmental Organization with the sole purpose of promoting, supporting, implementation and coordination of security research in the information security field in Romania, as well as international actions with short, medium and long term partnerships in the information security arena.
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Launched in the spring of 2013, the organization seeks to engage in various activities including, but not limited to:

  • involvement with expertise in the information security field, development of new technologies and integration of new information security systems;
  • research in the information security domain;
  • developing partnerships with key international structures, with the purpose of neutralizing threats within the information security field
  • investigate and expose vulnerable areas of information systems with the purpose of improving the quality of information security
  • mass-media campaigns and hosting security conferences
  • initiates and develops projects for local and regional IT development

Who are the members of the organization?

The members of CCSIR are normal or legal persons that embrace the idea of developing an independent information security community, with its members bringing value to the numerous areas of the cybersphere – research, cryptography, web security and software, malware, forensic, legislation, communication etc.

Whats our knowledge?

We have expertise and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Offensive and Defensive Security
  • Cyber Weapons
  • Malware & Exploits Development & Reverse Engineering
  • Network Security
  • Counter Surveillance, Privacy
  • Offensive & Defensive Honeypots
  • Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Zero Day Research
  • APT
  • DDoS
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Advance Cryptography
  • Mobile Hacking & Security
  • Embedded Exploits
  • Managed Devices
  • SOC & SIEM
  • SCADA systems

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