Hey ! I am CCSIR an NGO that dabbles with Research, Development, Pentesting and Education in Information Security

We conduct research on topics related to cyber security that help in the development of new security solutions and services, we can help you with our experience in black, white & grey box pentest and we organise trainings, seminars, workshops and security conferences.

Last Articles

Pentesting 101 – what you should know?

The big majority of attacks performed over the systems available via Internet are made in the application layer due to the easiness of launching an attack and the lack of app protection. For verifying the security of IT infrastructures an audit is carried out, but this action is insufficient in many situations in determining The […]

The efficiency of signature detection

It has been more than 20 years since the discovery of first efficient method for detecting and eliminating general threats or infections for regular computer users. This method uses signature detection, both in antivirus type software and in IPS systems (two resembling solutions but used in different environments). Old fashion signature protection The biggest problem […]

How You Can Become a Member of CCSIR?

The membership role of the Cyber ​​Security Research Center from Romania is a special status obtained by the people who are involved in the organisation projects. All the members embrace our vision and have deep experience in the cyber security space, both offensive and defensive approaches. CCSIR Member Benefits As a member you have some […]

We Are Good At


We conduct research on topics related to cyber security such as web and software security, network and communication security, malware, botnets, offensive and defensive capabilities.


Besides the security experience, our members are highly experienced developers and we combine our research work with the development of new security solutions and services, we build exploits and patches.


Our members have deeply experience in black, white & grey box pentest and we can conduct code reviews and other security assessments.


One of the key targets is promoting the good way of creating secured software. We organise trainings, seminars, workshops, local and international conferences, interact with mass-media and we publish security related articles.

About us

Cyber Security Research Center from Romania(CCSIR) is a Non-Governmental Organization with the soul purpose of promoting, supporting, implementation and coordination of security research in the information security field in Romania, as well as international actions with short, medium and long term partnerships in the information security arena.

Recent Projects

Our work is created by highly motivated members from the organisation that believes in a world that is secure and private. Our public projects solve different problems from the INFOSEC area mainly. Some of these projects see the light of day, some may not or are simple laboratory experiments.