Hey ! I am CCSIR an NGO that dabbles with Research, Development, Pentesting and Education in Information Security

We conduct research on topics related to cyber security that help in the development of new security solutions and services, we can help you with our experience in black, white & grey box pentest and we organise trainings, seminars, workshops and security conferences.

Last Articles

CCSIR at “Cyber Security Challenges in Europe” Organised by ENISA, Brussels

Last week of April 2014 created the opportunity for Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR to meet important representatives of European communities. They have experience and know-how to deliver CTF competitions at European level. The workshop was organised by ENISA and DG CONNECT in Brussels under the brand Cyber Security Challenges in Europe. […]

Microbe – simplified pentesting tool for Chrome users

Microbe is a Google Chrome extension created by Cosmin Gheorghita, 19 years old romanian developer. Extension has been developed for Web penetration testers, although some of its components can be individual applications themselves, like the cookie manager, form handler or Krypton. Since one of the most influential and destructive attack methods on the Web is […]

Pictures and presentation papers from Sparks #1

Sparks, monthly computer security conference, organised by Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR, had its debut this week on Tuesday March 4, 2014 at TechHub Bucharest with almost 100 attendees and 2 awesome speakers. Valentin Ilie, Software Research Engineer at Intel Romania broke the ice with a nice presentation called “Multiple Protocol Reverse […]

We Are Good At


We conduct research on topics related to cyber security such as web and software security, network and communication security, malware, botnets, offensive and defensive capabilities.


Besides the security experience, our members are highly experienced developers and we combine our research work with the development of new security solutions and services, we build exploits and patches.


Our members have deeply experience in black, white & grey box pentest and we can conduct code reviews and other security assessments.


One of the key targets is promoting the good way of creating secured software. We organise trainings, seminars, workshops, local and international conferences, interact with mass-media and we publish security related articles.

About us

Cyber Security Research Center from Romania(CCSIR) is a Non-Governmental Organization with the soul purpose of promoting, supporting, implementation and coordination of security research in the information security field in Romania, as well as international actions with short, medium and long term partnerships in the information security arena.

Recent Projects

Our work is created by highly motivated members from the organisation that believes in a world that is secure and private. Our public projects solve different problems from the INFOSEC area mainly. Some of these projects see the light of day, some may not or are simple laboratory experiments.